Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Basement Clutter Improvements

Remember on Monday, I showed you my cluttered basement in all it's glory. I did say I would work on it this week. And I have kept my promise on that. Yea me!! I think so far I have spent just over an hour, maybe slightly more if you include breaking down those boxes I showed you in yesterday's post. 

Here's a review of how two areas looked before I got my hands on the clutter:



And now the same two areas after did a little work:

Cleaner corner of boxes on the left and fewer things on the shelf

The garage sale stash
Oh, it makes my heart happy to see the after pictures!!

I was able to get that bin of Christmas items put away. As I thought, it took less than 10 minutes, maybe less than five really. Now the pile of garage sale items is neater and all together. I have actually added a few things to the right of the pile that are also for the sale (not shown in the picture). It doesn't look like much for a sale yet. However, it is only a one day sale, and I know there are plenty of other things that need to be added. Like that oak shelf. Which means I really need to move ALL those items somewhere else so I can sell it! So I still have more work to do. 

Do you have a fancy looking rug on your basement floor? Can you see the difference in my before and after pictures? Do you think I have enough stuff with three bins for a one day garage sale? What if I throw in a few pieces of furniture?

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