Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bathroom Drawers and More

It's been a productive morning. We picked up sample paint colors yesterday. I am painting the two we have chosen on foam board so we can see how the two different colors look on the walls at different times of day. Between coats, I decided to declutter my bathroom drawers and under my side of the sink. 

I started with under the sink. And again, I realize this isn't too bad. It is a big area under there and I don't store much there. We actually have too much storage in this house for what we own. :) This part only took me four minutes! 

I found some lice tools and shampoo in the back corner there. I tossed it all. It has been over three years since there was lice in our home. The stuff is expired. And I really don't want to PLAN for lice in the future, so I even tossed those little combs. I consolidated my feminine needs, which gave me a box to recycle.  I also got rid of one container. And now it looks like the picture below! Since that only took four minutes, I moved on to two of my bathroom drawers.

I have three drawers, but I keep my hairdryer in the bottom one and nothing else. Nothing to declutter there! Here is what those two liked before I decluttered some things.

I use that drawer above the most. Those are things I use everyday. Except the makeup. I don't wear that everyday. It is in that blue floral pouch in the back. I did look in there, but only removed an old sponge and eye makeup brush and replaced them with new ones. I should do this more often! Oh, I made that sunflower dish out of no bake clay and painted it. I keep my rings and earrings that I wear in there when I'm not wearing them. Today I was wearing them!

This second drawer does hold my mousse that I use everyday, otherwise it just holds extra items that I don't always get out. In fact some things have been in there since we moved and I haven't used them. Like the vitamins in on the far left. Those were tossed. I also moved the hair accessories that I rarely use to the hall closet. There is a bin in there for hair accessories. We all know to look there, so I shouldn't be hoarding them in my drawer. :)

I did find one contact case that can be donated. I like to keep at least one spare. I also found a few other very small things to toss. I did wipe down both drawers and those white bins. They do get a little filthy over time.

This second drawer is kind of an odd mix, but I only use the mousse everyday. The rest is just as needed. A little storage for extras. I often have more than one bottle of mousse in there, too. So it does get a little more crowded.

It really feels good to go through once in awhile to get rid of that stuff in the way. It makes finding things easier. It helps you remember what you do have so that you can make use of it. It's nice to have things cleaner. I especially like finding expired items to trash. Of course, that may mean I didn't get my full use, but often that just happens because it isn't something you use too often. Expiration dates help make the decision to toss easier. 

I'm going to work on using that Aveeno lotion up this week. There isn't much in there and I want the container gone. I put it on my counter to remind me to use it! :)

What do you find difficult in decluttering? Do you have multiple bottles of similar products? Do you try something, decide you don't like it, but hang onto it anyway? You might consider just tossing or giving to a friend if you know for sure you won't use it. Why let it take up your valuable real estate?

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  1. I used up that lotion yesterday! One less container floating around the bathroom.