Monday, April 14, 2014

Five Minutes of Decluttering

I took five minutes today to do a little decluttering. Unfortunately, no pictures. I think my daughter has the camera with her at school today.

I opened the linen closet just to see if there was anything easy I could get rid of. Yes. Two head towels. That's what I call them. They were a stocking stuffer three years ago for the girls. I know they have not been used once since we moved. Into the donate bin! I also saw the new razor blade package. I decided to swap my current blade out for a new one.

The blade change led me to our bathroom and on the way out I noticed my jewelry box. I have a very limited amount of jewelry. Some is sentimental, the rest I like. Since I have so little I decided to empty it out so my daughter could use it for awhile. She is interested in getting a jewelry box. Mine is dated, so I don't expect her to keep it. But it will give me a chance to see if I can find new place for my jewelry. Did you know I had things for my husband in my box, too? A watch, a couple of bow ties, and those personalized pocket knives he received for being in some weddings. That stuff is out for him to look at and find another place to store.

And just before I left my room, I decided to look in the bottom drawer of our dresser. I found a very old pair of painting pants. I have worn them in the last year, but I have also found a new pair to wear. I tossed these old ones in the trash! :)

That was my five minutes of decluttering for today. A few minutes to dive into the easy places counts. It really does! Can you take five minutes to get rid of something you no longer use today?

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