Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Getting Organized Under the Sink

Thanks for stopping by to have a look at what I got done with my organizing and cleaning today. I decided to dive under the sink in our laundry room, which was literally just behind a closet I worked on yesterday.

The sink looked like this when I opened the doors:

I'm sure many of you think this is no big deal. And even I can agree. It really isn't that bad. The thing that bothers me most is pile of towels and the spray bottles falling over in that bin. Those red towels were given to us as a bridal shower gift nearly 18 years ago. The blue ones are from when I was a teenager! We keep using those old towels for cleaning. I found a label and a dried up bar of soap to toss. I also noticed a bottle of washing machine cleaner, which I think is just bleach. I decided to clean my machine while I the washer was empty. Bonus!! I did have to open the windows. Bleach smells bad and I try to avoid using it. After that, I just reorganized everything else. I repositioned the bin so that I could put the most used cleaners in front. Now they stand up! The after picture is below.

So to keep the under the sink theme going on this post, I headed to the kitchen to clean out under that sink. It is a little messier than the laundry room sink, but still not so bad. It does help that we have only live here less than two years! Here's what it looks like before I got my organizing hands on it. 

I pulled everything out first. I didn't do that completely in the laundry room, just the bin in that case. And I did find some leaks of some sort. The one towards the back is likely just water run down from using the sprayer hose. The other one wasn't wet, but I was able to wipe it up. I will have my husband look into that one. My bet is one of the nuts on the drain is not quite tight enough. After I wiped the floor down, I started putting things back in.

That bag on the left of the picture holds our plastic bags from the grocery stores. It isn't too full right now, which means we are using them up faster than they are coming home. I learned a trick from an old neighbor about how to fold them up so small. I think there is a YouTube video out there that explains it. If I find it, I will link to it. I did pull a few bags out to recycle as they just are great to reuse. 

The after picture is below. I got rid of FIVE hand soap dispensers that were all empty. Three I had bought to match when we had our house on the market two years ago. I kept them thinking I would use them again when we sell. Today, I decided I'd rather recycle and buy again if needed. It will cost me three dollars or less to replace. The other two soap dispensers were those foaming ones. I received these two as gifts. I think I thought I would reuse them, but after months I did not. They were recycled too. I found two produce brushes and a spray bottle to donate. I also found about three other items to trash. It looks sooo much better!!

I did put some containers where the water stains had been. One is a soap dish that isn't in use and the other is a mushroom container. This should help the floor of this cupboard from getting ruined if there are future water drips or leaks. I'm always glad when I can find something on hand to repurpose.

Now, I still have four other sinks in the house I should organize, and declutter. 
Let's see if I am motivated to do those tomorrow or if I dive into something else. 
What did you work on today? Do you think you could get under one of your sinks and do a quick tidy up, while finding a few items to donate or toss? I will be cheering for you!

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