Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Linen Closet: Organized & Decluttered

Before you look at the first picture, remember I am your organized friend. My linen closet is already organized. I have towels on the top shelf. This includes bath towels to the left and hand towels on the right. In my previous post I mentioned some head towels I decided to remove in a five minute decluttering, those were in the middle of the shelf rolled up. Not there any more! They are in the donate bin. :)

The second shelf is medicinal and health items on the left and a basket of wash clothes on the right. I gave up trying to keep wash clothes in a neat stack. It just doesn't happen in our house for some reason. I found expired antibiotic cream and some DayQuil. Those are trash now, which means more space in this closet. The less we have the easier it is to find what we need when we need it.

The third shelf is things we are stocked up on. In this picture I see part of the kleenex boxes, feminine products, soap, shampoo, and razor blades. That box in the middle contains hair accessories, which are rarely worn anymore. It might be time to consider those items soon. The far left bin has nail polish, nail scissors, and cotton balls. I did toss the rubbing alcohol since it was over a year expired and we really never use it. Easy decision there. 

On the bottom of the closet, is a bag with beach towels and a couple pool toys (also probably not needed). There is a box of rubber ducks from when my kids took baths, which was awhile ago now. The girls are still attached and cannot decide whether to let go yet! Oh well, they are contained.

The drawers have some miscellaneous things, larger mirror, spare eyeglasses, extra make up, accessories for the water pik, and even some orthodontic supplies. The picture below is what I found that could leave. The mirror and curling iron will go to the donate bin. The mascara has been thrown in the trash. It was purchased for dance recitals years ago. The glasses are an extra pair. I will look for a place to donate those.

My cat got in on the action when I opened the door. It is nice to have a little company. 

The after picture looks the same as the before for the most part, so I won't bore you with that. Containers help CONTAIN things and are so helpful in keeping things from slipping all over. We also need them since these are wire shelves. There were some things in the closet that we really aren't using, but I'm not quite ready to decide whether to keep or not. I will just review again sometime soon. 

What do you like best about this linen closet organization? 
Do you like that I keep things here that are not linens? 
Does your cat like to explore your open closets?

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