Friday, April 18, 2014

One of Our Cluttered Spaces

As your organized friend, I expect you think I am organized in all areas. Not true. I probably am better than many, but I don't strive for perfection. There are some spaces that just aren't as fun to organize, or as easy for me to keep organized.

For us one of those spaces is the garage. And right now, after a long winter, it is near its worst. Although we did wash out all that sand and dirt. I even did that once on a semi warm January day. Here's basically how it looks right now:

There is an unfinished church pew back there. It has stuff on it. There is junk out there that has not been dealt with and needs to be taken care of soon! There is also a pile of Styrofoam pieces that I need to list for free on Craigslist. I don't like seeing that stuff go into the landfill. Not that I haven't thrown any away before, but this stuff could be used I think, so I will try that first. 

 Some of the things in the garage are inherited from when my parents moved last fall. Some of it we have outgrown, like that sled and those pool noodles. And guess what? That chest with all those drawers? Nearly empty. I think I have things in three drawers. This was from my parents and before that my grandpa owned it. I know I can use it to keep some things organized in the garage. I just need a very nice day to be out there. I'm hoping this is BEFORE our garage sale in May because I 'm sure there are things to sell or throw out. 

The shelves above are a catch all for when we know something goes in the garage, but don't have take the time to put it where it should go. I see the doorbell that stopped working and we replaced with a new one. Should I donate that? Put it in the trash? I do get a little stuck on some things. I think it might be worth donating since someone may be able to fix it. Do you think? Maybe. 

Also, that shelf area is actually worse right now than in the picture, since we are getting tools out for painting and we had a ceiling fan stop working. Now there are ceiling fan parts all over out there!! Ugh. 

So now you have seen one of our cluttered spaces. I share this one because I hope sometime soon, I will get this clutter space under control and I can share AFTER pictures! I also want you to know that your organized friend is not perfectly organized in every area. Yep, I'm human and just like you.

What space in your home collects the most clutter? Do you have issues throwing out broken items? Should I donate a broken item? What should I put in those drawers?

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