Saturday, April 19, 2014

Organized After Painting!

We spent our Friday painting some walls in our kitchen/living area. Yes. They are connected. We did an awesome job of cleaning up afterwards. The blinds are back up, as are all the outlet covers. The pictures have been returned to their spots. All the painting supplies are back in their bin.

Okay, the drop clothes don't fit in the bin. But look the bin is marked! It's just an index card taped on the outside. This save us time, since we do have some other bins that look just like this. And usually this bin in our storage area in the basement not in our kitchen. :)

Okay...I know this bin needs to be decluttered before we are done with our current painting projects. I think there  are things we don't use in there and I probably don't need to keep that plastic bag!

Here is the paint on our kitchen wall. It's Balanced Beige by Sherwin Williams. I think it makes the dark wood look really nice. 

I, your organized friend, am not perfect thus my kitchen counter with recycling items and a few tools that have yet to be put away. They won't stay there too long though. I know exactly where they all go. And we are going to do a little more painting today, so we might need those tools.

Do you keep your painting supplies in one place? Do you have them marked?


  1. I like it. Our painting supplies are in old kitchen cabinets my husband repurposed from a job site back when he did construction.

  2. Thanks! I think inside a cabinet is a good place if you have that kind of space. Sounds like those cabinets might have been free, which is even better!