Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Cluttered Basement Storage Area

Take a look.  This is our basement storage area. It is very large which is good and bad. Good because just about anything can be stored there. Bad because it is a dumping ground for things we don't always know what to do with or just want to save for no apparent reason.
An old bookshelf is holding books and decor items
 I think one of my first tasks in the basement will be to pull a few items from that book shelf. I know there is an empty box as well as a few decor items that need to go. I would prefer to get rid of the bookshelf, too!
The bins are for collecting items for donation or a future garage sale. 
 In between those garage sale bins are some Christmas items that need to get moved up to the metal shelves you see below. I don't want to accidentally give away any Christmas decorations. I think this particular task would take me less than 10 minutes.
Our mostly organized shelving unit. A few shelves are getting out of control!
 Ack! The shelves as a whole are overwhelming, because I know I need to pull some things off, just to get them back on and looking better. Luckily, I do see several shelves that don't need to be dealt with, so that is a positive.
Games are neat on the shelf, but there is clutter in front!
 Do you see all those Target grocery bags stacked up in the corner? My daughter folded 1000 cranes. Now what to do with them? The dollhouse is not used and not finished inside. My daughters want to keep that for now. I think some of the things on the floor could get packed up smaller and put on some of the shelves.
Army gear is organized, but my daughter's art is collecting on that bench.
 The bench above needs to go. We used it with an old kitchen table and at one time in an entry way, but I don't see us using it any more. The trash can and electronics also need to go. I will get them on the garage sale in a few weeks.
From a distance is doesn't seem bad, plenty of room to walk, right?
So you see, all of us have clutter. Some may be more visible than others. My clutter is usually hidden. And it usually needs some attention once in awhile! I will be working on this area and likely the garage over the next few weeks. I'm hoping that posting this will motivate me to get some work done. Feel free to keep me accountable and ask how it is coming along. I know I don't need to get it all done in one session, but a little progress each day will make a difference.

What do you think of my cluttered storage area? Any suggestions? Do you see anything in these pictures that would help you get more of your clutter organized?

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