Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Removing Empty Boxes

I realized recently that we don't need to keep empty boxes that original items come in. We have never saved ALL boxes, but tend to err on the side of caution and keep boxes for electronics. I did check with my husband about getting rid of most of the electronic boxes. He was in agreement. We do move with some frequency, and I know that movers do not put your electronics back in their original boxes. Although last time we did get them to put our plasma television in its original box, which we are keeping again. And, actually, now we have two of those gigantic boxes!! :)

Boxes for recycling
In that pile in the picture above, there is a box for a stereo receiver, a blu ray player, our Ooma, the Wii and Wii Fit, as well as a camera. I did decide to keep the stereo box to put donations in since it is roomy and sturdy. Otherwise, everything is now out in the recycle bin.

I will admit that I do keep some boxes (also mailers and bubble wrap) for selling things on Ebay. Once I get a sufficient pile I stop adding to it, but if I see my supply dwindling I keep once again. You can see in the photo below that my pile of boxes is neatly contained near my filing cabinet. 

Neat pile of boxes and bubble wrap
The main reason I took the picture above was to show you I have a pile of papers to file. I seem to nearly always have a pile like that. I hope I can show soon that those papers have been put away. Ask me about if you don't see that I mention in on the blog later!

Do you keep boxes for everything you buy? Just electronics? Are you a super recycler and couldn't find a box in your home if your life depended on it?

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  1. I don't keep any boxes unless I *know* I will need to mail something specific in the near future. I do let my son have some boxes to make into forts/garages/houses for his toy vehicles, but I move them into the recycling pretty quick once they start to build up. I hate having boxes around the house...

  2. If I ever completely give up on selling our things on Ebay I will definitely recycle them ASAP.