Thursday, April 3, 2014

That Grocery Bag Trick

Here is the video for that grocery bag trick I mentioned in yesterday's post. It is super fast and easy!

Does anyone else do this with their bags? How do you store your plastic grocery bags? I did notice their are videos for folding them into triangles! Interesting, huh?

I personally try not to bring too many plastic grocery bags home. I have about 8 reusable grocery bags I use. most of the time. I keep them in the back of my van. I even have a fabric bag shaped like the plastic ones in the video that I keep in my person for when I'm buying just a few items. Most of our bags seem to come home with my husband who stops at the store for me. I could try to deter this, but it actually keeps us stocked just enough to have plenty on hand for those cat cleaning jobs. 

Let me know if this new bag trick works for you!

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