Friday, April 11, 2014

Trashing the Obvious

I believe in late November...yes, at the time we were putting up the Christmas tree, I decided to put the bowl of potpourri that was sitting out on our end table away. I put it away in a drawer. A drawer that I just opened two days ago. The bowl of potpourri sat out on that end table for over a year prior. It actually did have some scent to it. Turns out it was also dusty and included more cat hair than preferred.

Think it's trash? Yes. It is trash.

I put the glass bowl in the dishwasher right away so it can be cleaned and put away. Yea me!!

It is interesting how some things can just not be noticed. Yes, they are obvious, but not obvious until you take a closer look. Do you have anything that is obvious but that you haven't noticed lately? Go ahead look around a moment. If you see something that is trash, feel free to toss in in the nearest waste container.

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