Saturday, April 5, 2014

Under the Sink: Chaos Be Gone

I didn't think I would tackle any decluttering today, but I suddenly had the urge to peek
under the sink in my daughter's bathroom. It may seem okay, but it really is chaos under there. 
They are not using a lot of those things. And some things are trash!!

Starting with the obvious trash is a good place to start if you really don't know where to start. See that empty razor cartridge on the bottom left. Trash. Back under the drain pipe there is an empty plastic bag that used to hold floss picks. Also trash. That was easy!!

In this case, I did pull everything out from under the sink, so I could wipe up a few spills and get rid of dust bunnies. I know some people can get overwhelmed by taking everything out. If this is you, just starting digging in there to find ANYTHING that doesn't belong. It might be something you will never use. I found that ACT mouthwash in bubblegum flavor that my kids received from the dentist LAST year. Never used. Will never use. So trash once again. You could also start by looking at expiration dates on bottles and jars. I found expired acne medication. That went to the trash pile, too. 

There were also some things they will never use, that I will actually will use. There are some makeup remover pads, some liquid face soap, and a bottle of lotion. The lotion was mine in the first place! A gift for my birthday. I loaned it to one of them this winter and didn't realize I didn't get it back until today!

In the end, I found items to trash, items to move to another location, and items to sell at our garage sale. I was also able to consolidate some of those bottle of Redken Smoothing Gel (see the number 6 on that gray bottle). Three of those bottles were basically used up. But once I opened them, nearly a tablespoon of product remained. This stuff has been discontinued, so we are saving every little amount we can. 

Here is the final look into the cabinet. Much better with less stuff! I think I need to find a container for those small bottles of hair product. They just came in the mail, as we are trying to find more of that discontinued product online. These are smaller and there are more of them. They are bound to just fall over and be strewn about in no time. I'll save that for another day!

This project took me less than 10 minutes. There were no sentimental items to contend with. 
Getting product out of the tubes took another five minutes. 
I think it may have taken me longer to write this post than it did to get that cupboard cleaned up!! 
Will you declutter under a sink today? Do you usually take everything out when you declutter? 

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