Sunday, May 4, 2014

Basement Shelves: Tidier

My basement organizing is moving along pretty well. The time has been well spent. In this post, I want to show a few shelves on the shelving units that have improved. 
Basement shelves: Before
 My process in working on the shelves, was to look to see what didn't belong. I do have shelves dedicated to certain types of items, so I do know what shouldn't go there. That middle shelf on the left was in the worst shape. That is suppose to be for my sewing machine and related items, along with some other craft supplies. It had become overrun with my daughter's art. That's when I moved it ALL to a craft table (which I showed in a previous post). That really helped clear the shelf!!

Left shelf decluttered

There were things that just needed to be put back in their appropriate bins. That sure helps clean things up fast. It also makes me wonder why I get stopped doing that last step of putting something away. Opening the container and dropping the item in. It is easier when the bin is easy to access. That middle shelf up there, I just tidied up. There is a bin in the middle there, that we need to go through and clean up. But for this week, cleaning up the clutter helped make the space look better.

Still cluttered on the right side

I'm surprised I took this picture of the the shelf above. I didn't improve it very well. I know I did remove a food processor I was given by my parents in the fall. I have not used it since I received it. As a result, I decided I do not need to keep it. In it's place, I put my light box (with the light in it!). I guess I didn't do as much work on this space as I thought.

I do know of a few more items on that shelf that need to go. I have four plates I don't like and have not used since we moved almost two years ago. I also have mugs that match our wedding china (which match that gravy boat there on the shelf). We use the china everyday but not the mugs. I'm going to split the set (shocking I know) and sell the mugs online. It isn't the end of the world and someone will be happy to buy the mugs I'm just storing and have stored for a long time.

The garage sale I plan to have is in two weeks, so I expect the basement to get even tidier as I pull more things to sell. It is amazing to me that there is always more to sell. Sure with kids they outgrow their clothes and toys, but even as adults things wear out, no longer fit, don't serve a purpose or simply aren't used. Decluttering is a constant process throughout all stages of life.

Do you feel better when you tidy a shelf? Do you ever not put something away completely? Have you split your wedding china? Anyone having a garage sale soon?

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