Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Garage Sale Prepping

I'm sure all of you who are coming here to get inspired to organized or decluttered, might be disappointed by this post. I'm getting ready for a garage sale this Saturday. I've been decluttering and really digging deep into those bins I have all categorized and organized. There are actually things that have been organized neatly that I don't need! Shocking, huh? I was a little surprised, too!

Right now, I have most of my things priced and a little bit separated by types of items. This makes it easier to set up in the garage later. A little secret to my pricing strategy...watch Hoarders episodes. That sure inspires one to get rid of things you don't need. Price low so it will go!!

Pricing my stuff to sell

I do like an organized garage sale. Like items together. Selling items in groups, if possible, rather than individually. For example, these farm animals. I could price them for a nickel a piece. However, I'd rather deal in quarters, rather than pennies, nickels and dimes. 

Farm animals everywhere
Instead I contain the farm animals in a sandwich bag. Now I can charge a dollar! Sure I would take less. Containing like items together makes the sale organized for buyers. 

Farm animals contained
Do you contain your farm animals? Do you have any other tricks to keep your sale organized?

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