Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Inspired Decluttering

I read A Slob Comes Clean on a regular basis now. And although, I don't have the same issues with clutter as Nony, the writer, does, I am often inspired. Nony's post today about checking that a pen works BEFORE she puts it away made me realize that I often skip over pencils in our pen jar that don't have erasers. Gee. I guess those pencils are clutter...they are getting in my way and not getting used because they don't have an eraser. It took less time to pull those pencils out and toss in the trash than it did to photograph my work and write this post!

Pencil with no eraser

Pens with pencils, some wihout erasers

SEVEN without erasers

Two WITH erasers, and make that EIGHT without

Eww...a pen leaked in there. 

I went ahead an tested ALL the pens, only found one to toss

I did clean up the leaky pen mess in the container. I'm also using the backside of that piece of paper that I tested the pens on for my to do list today. I will recycle that when I complete all my tasks for today!

Do you keep pens that don't work, or pencils without erasers? Anyone else inspired to take a moment today to let go of those extra writing utensils that just get in your way?

Thanks, Nony for the inspiration!


  1. Yay!! Love seeing that paper with all those WORKING scribbles!!