Thursday, May 29, 2014

Labeled the Cabinet Drawers

 Remember that cabinet in the garage where I put three bins worth of things in? I finally got around to making labels for the drawers, so we will know what goes where.

I decided to make mine own labels. This is partially because I'm to cheap to buy fancy labels. It is also because I want to see how we use the cabinet. Will the labels help keep things in the right place; will the labels get ruined? Those are a few of questions I wonder about with this experiment. So really this labeling is an experiment.

I made my labels from index cards, packing tape and a few left over self sealing laminate cards. I figured out the size by making a template right from the cabinet in the garage. Then I cut 16 more for the seventeen drawers that needed labels. I covered them all with plastic...tape for more of them. I wanted the plastic covering, so I could write on them and later easily remove the writing if needed.

I first tried chalk marker. It looks fine in the picture above, but it was clear it would take forever to dry...if it ever would. It was almost runny! I scratched the chalk markers and went with a sharpie, which would be permanent directly on paper, but should still wipe off of the plastic tape.

Tried to write small on the labels.

Once I had the labels all marked, I actually put them in order from top to bottom and left to write to make it easier to put them in slots. That's my organized brain for you! The labels were still a little to big/tall for the opening and I ended up cutting a little off the bottom of almost all the labels. It ended up that some of the writing then didn't show all the way. I decided not to worry about it. The labels were still better than no label.

The task took a little longer than I thought, likely because of the cutting and then trimming of the labels. I'm going to guess it was still under 30 minutes to get this cabinet labeled for easy access and use. It feels good to get another little project of the list.

Do you own a label maker of any kind? Do you make your own imperfect labels? Have you labeled anything recently?

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