Thursday, May 15, 2014

Making Lists

Sometimes I'm a list maker, sometimes I'm not. Guess when I get more done? Yep. When I make a list. I don't have any special way my lists have to be made, but I noticed lately I like to draw a little box next to the items on my list, so I can check the box when the item is complete. I'm okay with a simple line drawn through, too.

I don't think one needs to make a list everyday, or for everything. In fact, I find it nice some days not to have a list of things to do. To just get done what I feel like getting done, not what the list says. The list, that my brain made, can be pretty demanding!

As someone who has dealt with a fair amount of stress at times, I know the importance of taking a break. Relaxing, doing nothing. And no, I don't need to put it on the list to remember. But hey, if you do, no problem. Pencil in that time to just relax, close your eyes for awhile. Get away from the demands of life and that list you made.
Got everything done except paying bills

The truth is the stuff on the list will wait for you. It's not going to get done without you, so give it time to simmer. Maybe some of the stuff isn't important on the list and you can cross it off without doing it. Really! Do you have anything on the list, like this: Make party favors for memorial day picnic. Um, yeah, I don't have that one, but anything that is maybe nice to do, but isn't required. My guess is that no one REQUIRES a party favor for any event. I know you saw that cute thing on Pinterest and thought it would be fun. If it is fun, go for it. However, if the fact that it is on your list and it is stressing you out, you have my permission to cross it off. You don't have to do it anymore.

As your organized friend, I want you to know you don't have to keep a list, but they are handy when you really need to get some IMPORTANT things done. Ya know, like that load of laundry, so that everyone has clean socks to wear in the morning.

Do you make lists? Do you make them everyday? And like, me do you ever just skip making lists for a day or a week? If you don't make a list, do you have another way to remember things you want to accomplish?


  1. Lists have become my "friend" since I returned to school. And guess what? My kids sometimes get lists, too! Actually note cards with a kind sentiment and a request. :) That way there is no confusion about what needs to be done, and people aren't stuck in the same chore rut.

    1. That is very smart to make lists for others, too! I have done that at times. I think many people like the sense of accomplishment checking off a list can bring.

  2. Lists are a great way to keep organized, I really should make them more. I'll have to put that on my list. :)

    1. Yes, might try making more lists! :)