Thursday, May 1, 2014

More Basement Organization

I did a little more work in our basement. I worked on the area seen in the picture below. This area probably only took me 15 minutes to get a several things up off the ground. I did have to sort one pile that is sitting on the ground by that office chair (which I'm questioning whether we even need). The pile was from when my daughter decluttered her closet earlier in the month. Some items needed to be put away in various places in the basement, and other stuff went to the garage sale pile.

A cluttered basement corner

A less cluttered basement corner

Did you see that improvement? You can see more of the floor!!

Once I show the metal shelves, you will see that a few of those items on the floor were moved over there. Specifically, my light box and the air mattress. Now if you have eagle eyes you might see there is another pile of clutter that is growing. Here is an up close picture so you can see that it is a problem. 

A growing pile of clutter

Okay, I really can't call this clutter, but it sure isn't organized. The table is full of my daughter's art. She is getting ready for an art fair in early June. Some of the items are supplies I was finding scattered about the basement. I figured we might as well get them all in one place. I think we can get a start on this pile on Saturday when my daughter and I will both be home at the same time. If there is an improvement, I will be sure to let you know! 

I showed my husband the basement progress and while he couldn't see everything I had my hands on, he could tell it was tidier. He pointed out some things in the basement he thought could go, including two footlockers full of Army gear! I think we will end up keeping the containers, to help free up a few of my bins. 

So there is more work to do, but each day a little more gets done. Thanks for cheering me on! Do you find that decluttering often can cause another pile to grow into clutter?  

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