Monday, May 5, 2014

My Gift Wrap Station

That post title makes it seem like I likely have a special set up you see in magazines for all my gift wrapping. I do not. But my gift wrap is tidy, takes up minimal space and I know where it is! Most of my gift bags, tissue, ribbons and bows are in two drawers of a dresser my grandfather made for my mom when she was little. :) I think I will let the crazy number of pictures I took speak for themselves! 

Christmas Gift Supplies

Birthday Gift Supplies

Ribbons and bows inside a gift bag

Birthday bows and ribbon

Birthday gift bags stored in a gift bag!

The gift bags and tissue that are in that gift bag

Christmas gift bags

Bows in an old gift bag

Boxes and tissues for Christmas gifts
I do have about 6 rolls of gift wrap in a bin in our basement. I actually wish I had a smaller container for those rolls since I could probably fit three times as many rolls in it. As you can probably tell, we reuse gift bags, most tissue paper and bows. I just like to keep the spending on the wrapping to a minimum. I also like to keep it simple. Not all gifts NEED a bow or ribbon for example. Really. It's true. You too can give a gift without a bow. :)

And one last tip: 
You can tape the top of a gift bag if you don't have tissue paper. 
I do this every Christmas for gifts to my girls, so they can't see inside. 

Do you have your gift wrap organized? Do you reuse any gift wrap? Do you have any boxes, bags, or bows that it is likely time to toss or donate? 

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