Monday, May 12, 2014

Organized Sideways

When organizing and keeping your stuff easy to access, I have found it is helpful to think outside the box. I have shown my shoe organizer, that is in our laundry room and holds many odds and ends. I also have reusable drink containers that are contained in a way that might seem unusual. I store them sideways!

Water bottles stored sideways

I could have adjusted the shelf heights and had them standing up, but it would be hard to access the ones in the back. And sometimes you want the one in the back. That seems to cause them to fall over or out of the cupboard. I also leave the lids off or open so they can completely air dry after they have been put away. The caps and lids that aren't attached are just put in a container on the shelf below. Also easy to find!

Do you store anything sideways?


  1. I like this idea! Each child now has a water bottle (just one) and DH, but that is still plenty to corral and contain. Definitely helps with kitchen organization!