Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Basement Gets Messy Again

Yes, the basement has become messy again. It's the getting ready for a garage sale and art fair that are causing the problems. There are things to sort through! I just want to keep it real for people reading my blog. Things do get messy and out of hand at my house too at times. It's life. It happens to all of us. In this case, the mess motivates me to keep working on the projects so at some point they will be complete and the basement storage area can be neat and tidy once again.

I know you are going to say it really isn't messy, but please tell me you can see that it is messier than the post from earlier in the week?
Rug brought in from garage: need to clean

Garage sale pile getting bigger

Art supplies and baskets emptied from other spaces

Art supply sorting

Preparing for the Art Fair

Items to sell

I won't be showing any after pictures, but I did consolidate some of those art supplies that were moved to the floor. Some of the supplies are going to the garage sale! I also decided a couple of the baskets could go to the garage sale. Did you know that if you keeping moving something around because you don't know what to do with it or even really like it, it means it is time for the item to go? That was the deal with the baskets.

The mess really is part of the sorting process, primarily for the art fair, but also because I emptied the book case, three drawer dresser and the bench that I want to sell at the garage sale. I do have faith it will get tidy once again.

Do you find that areas you organize and declutter get messy again? Oh, good, it's not just me!

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