Monday, June 2, 2014

First of Month Tasks

I'm trying to develop some new habits. And I have found that certain dates on the calendar inspire me or remind me to do some once in awhile type of tasks. Since today is close to the first of the month, I remembered to purge and shred some old receipts. You might remember I did this last month, too! Today, I took less than five minutes to shred the receipts that were in February's envelope.

The other thing I do on the first of the month is launder our bed sheets. We only own one set of sheets per bed. And they do need to be washed from time to time. :) I have figured if I can get them washed twice per month that will be better than forgetting entirely. Since, my husband gets paid twice per month, I have taught myself to correlate the two events. I will admit I don't always get on it right on payday, but I'm usually doing the sheets plus or minus a couple days.

I'm also happy to report that my reminder email to myself arrived yesterday! I put a reminder to myself to take winter coats to the dry cleaner this week. I have it planned for tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I would not have remembered I wanted to do this if it had not been for that email reminder. I will only delete that email once the coats are at the cleaners, too. That way it will keep reminding me!

Do you have certain tasks that you do on the first of the month? Or is there another task you always do on a particular day?


  1. I use a published list that I add to my day timer and try to do one task each day. For example, Tuesday is 'desk day,' review bills, balance bank accounts, compare investments May 30 with Apr. 30. Wednesday will go room to room with a small ladder, and clean each ceiling light fixture.

  2. I like that you attempt to do one task a day. I think this would help me be even more organized. Today I cleaned the bathroom and opened my husband's storage drawer and saw it desperately needed to be cleaned. So I unloaded the drawer, washed the organizers and the drawer and put everything back. Not a planned task, but since I saw it I just took care of it.