Monday, June 23, 2014

New Cleaning Routine

I mentioned in the past that I am currently working on getting the dishwasher started and emptied first thing in the morning. I'm doing great at getting it started at night. I will admit it is not always the FIRST thing I do, but when I do and once I do get it emptied it is awesome to have all those dirty dishes being put in there right away. My teen girls are even doing their part most of the time!!

We have added cleaning our bathrooms to our Monday morning now that it is summer. The girls have a flute lesson at noon, so it a good time to get it done before we head out. Once we are back we can just relax. They both have their parts they clean of the bathroom they share. My oldest daughter cleans the sink, counter and mirror. She also dusts the shelves in there when needed (which is weekly, but she does it less frequently). The youngest daughter cleans the toilet, the floor and takes out the trash. They take turns doing their tasks since the bathroom is a bit small to be working in there together. You may have noticed I didn't mention the shower or tub. That is my husband's job and he has his own schedule on that.

I have made sure to get our bathroom done on Monday mornings as well. As part of this task, I start a load of towels from both bathrooms and include all of our cleaning cloths we used. The goal is to have them washed and put into the dryer before we leave for the flute lesson. Once we are back they are dry and ready to be rehung or put away!!

I'm wanting to get a better handle on other cleaning tasks...and I know so some sort of schedule would help. As it is, I just seem to notice dust, or crumbs and take care of it, but I'm definitely not as consistent as I once was. This is where you see I'm still working on creating habits that work for me. And I suppose even though I was in the habit of cleaning towels on Fridays, I have now changed because of summer and our bathroom cleaning schedule. It's not wrong to change and try a new routine, right?

I'll try to keep you updated about any new tasks I add that become part of our routine. Do you have a cleaning routine? What tasks are you good at completing consistently? Do your children help with cleaning in your home?


  1. Great post; I like to read about the scheduling choices you are trying out.

  2. Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate and hope to right more about it as I get it figured out.