Tuesday, June 10, 2014

School Organizing Finished

Friday was the last day of school in our area. The last one was home by 11:15am. It was a short day. I didn't immediately pounce on the backpacks, but allowed my kids to eat and find something fun to do. After a couple hours of sinking into summer, I asked them to start clearing out their backpacks. They seemed willing and not surprised that I asked so quickly. I think it helped that I gave them some warning. I mean that bin for extra school stuff was in the entry since last Friday. It also helped that we were getting ready for weekend company.
Backpacks are empty!

The oldest daughter was through her back pack in less than 20 minutes. The younger one may have taken nearly 45 minutes to get everything cleaned out. She was a little more methodical and slower looking at each piece of paper. She was the one that seemed to find more things to save.

Supplies to use for next year
 The above picture shows all the supplies we found that can likely be reused. There are some Trapper Keeper folders that I think should be recycled, but my daughter likes the designs and thinks they can be used again. We will see if she feels the same way when its time to get ready to go back to school in the fall. I was again surprised at some of the supplies that didn't get used even though they were requested specifically by the school. We will save them and use them should the need arise in the future.

The backpacks fit in the bin too!
I was able to fit the backpacks in the bin also. I took the whole thing down to the basement and popped a lid on it. I don't expect to look at these things until late July or early August when we are deciding what we need to buy for the beginning of the next school year. We specifically shop our house BEFORE we go school shopping. We really like to reuse things if at all possible. This is easier to do if your kids take good care of their supplies, of course. I did always like to buy my kids new crayons each year, because doesn't everyone like new Crayolas?!

In the cleaning out process, there was lots and lots of paper. I brought out our paper bag of paper recycling and we tossed all the paper to be recycled right in as we came across it. That bag was FULL, and is already been picked up by the recycler from the curb.

On Monday, I made a point to wash their lunch bags. I was able to wash them in the washer, but then air dried them on the deck. Those are now ready to go for fall also! I put them right back in the drawer where we will expect to find them in the fall. :)

Did you get all of the school supplies picked up from the last school year? Did you find a lot of paper to recycle? Will you reuse any supplies for the next school year? Do you have one place to store extra school supplies?

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