Sunday, July 6, 2014

Painting Tip

No worries! I didn't forget about the blog and your desire to see me organize and keep things tidy. I just have to prioritize my time when we travel, have guests visit and my husband is home for the week.

Today I'm painting, but just a very little bit. I need to paint our bathroom and wanted to paint behind the mirrors, which requires the help of strong husband arms to remove. I'm only painting the area above our sinks to the ceiling above. I will do the rest on a much cooler day, which looks like Wednesday this week.

I'm in between coats at the moment and thought I show you what I do with my brush, roller and paint tray in between coats. I wrap everything I want to keep wet in foil. Plastic wrap is often recommended and works great too. I just don't stock plastic wrap in my house. I found foil works just fine!

After I complete the second coat, I will pour the leftover paint back in the can and tap the lid securely back on. Because I expect to paint again within the next week, I'm going to wrap foil even tighter around the roller and put the roller and brush in a plastic bag. I will pop the bag into the refrigerator to keep everything fresh and wet for their next use. This saves time and water cleaning up!

I think this is the first time I painted a partial wall without painting everything else at the same time. No regrets since I know the painted session would have been much longer today and I just didn't have that much time to commit. Have you ever just painted a partial wall? Why did you do it that way?

Lights on...

Lights off...
The paint we are putting on the walls is Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams. It seems taupe to me, but does have a green grey tint to it, and feels more soothing to us than the Buff walls and ceiling our builder put in the house. 

What is your best painting tip?

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