Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Long List

When I have a lot of things to do on a particular day, or over several days, I always rely on a list. My brain just can't keep track of everything I want to get done. I find it helps me prioritize tasks as well. Some should be done before anything else, others are optional. 

Today, I'm getting ready for a trip and getting my house clean for guests. I have cleaning tasks that I hope to get done first before I get my shower in for the day. Later, I have errands to run, which I also need to prioritize and have a list for.

I also find that making a list is a great brain dump of ideas running through my head. Not all the ideas in my brain need to be done now, but if I write it down, my brain can let it go. I then can evaluate later that the item isn't a priority. 

My list feels long, but I'm off to get it done! 

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