Thursday, September 4, 2014

Laundry Cabinets: Progress

Strange really. I've been looking forward to my laundry cabinets for over a month. They are installed and look great, but I don't know what to put in them!! Well I do have ideas, but the going about it was causing me to procrastinate. Seems so odd, considering many people would just jump right in. I will give myself some credit though. It has been less than a week since they were installed.

I first started in the afternoon by pulling all the items out from under the laundry room sink. I put them on the washer and dryer and then proceeded to procrastinate some more! Later it dawned on me that putting the kitty litter and the trash can under the sink would get them off the floor of the laundry room. And even better, they would be hidden away. :)

Notice all the items stored under the sink

Kitty litter, trash can and room to spare!

Finally, evening rolled around, and I decided to just start playing with the items I had pulled out to see what made sense where. I made a few changes from my original stick them up there decisions. In the process, I also discovered that a three drawer box wouldn't fit in the cabinet. Everything in there needed to come out. I also discovered I had two spray bottles. I'm not sure when I last used even one, so two was obviously excessive for my needs. I'm donating the one with the red handle in the picture below.

3 drawer container won't fit. Boo.

Too many spray bottles!!!!!
I have quite a few brightly colored microfiber cloths that I have been storing in a very old container. I even kept it out on the dryer since we moved in just because the colors were bright. I put the basket in the cupboard and was kind of sad I couldn't see the colored cloths. Sad in a disappointed way. There was no crying. :) I decided to just stack them in the cabinet to start with. It may not work, but I'm willing to experiment.

Bright and happy cleaning cloths

Not liking this...

Since I could no longer use the 3 drawer thing (seriously, I can't think of the name of these) for some other rags, I decided they could go into the old blue green bin. But again, I realized I have an excessive amount of rags. Rags I really only use when painting. I thinned them out, too, even though they would have all fit in the bin. Again, on this one, I'm not sure if I will keep these in this container.

I decided to see if I could find anything in my kitchen that would be better to store in the laundry cabinets. I found glassware, primarily vases and Ball jars above my refrigerator. It wasn't a bad place for them, but a little precarious to get down at times. They may go back there, but I'm going to try having them in the laundry cabinets for now. I have an idea to bring my pump air pot up from the basement and lay on its side in the cabinet above my fridge.

So this is how I left my laundry cabinets when I was done for the evening. I'm pretty happy with the cabinet below which is on the left side and above my washer. There may be tweaks later which I will be sure to tell you!

Left cabinet above washer
The cabinet on the right is definitely a work in progress. I need to find something to hold the batteries or move them elsewhere, which is a high possibility. I did bring in the light bulbs from the closet near the laundry room. The items on the far right may need to go to another room, too. I don't want junk in my new laundry cabinets!!

Right cabinet above the dryer
My husband pointed out that we could likely install the second shelf on the right cabinet to take advantage of some of the space. It currently sits on the bottom shelf of each cabinet. So...that's where things stand. Not really completely organized, but progress has made toward that goal.

Thoughts on my progress? What would you do you like? Would you do anything different?

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