Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sunday's Erasing of Evidence

I began to notice in the last few weeks that my garage had become a little out of order. It was nowhere near full chaos as I'm sure many garages could be classified. However, things were not put away and I knew with colder weather coming in a few months some time should be spent getting things a little more in order.

I would like to say I thought to take pictures, and I could give you a full run down with them. Unfortunately, my organized brain didn't think about the blog potential of my actions. So no pictures, but here's a brief run down of what I remember doing:

  • Threw away a pool noodle that was cut in half and sliced up the sides. We used this at our last house to protect the car from hitting the mower. Our garage was small. Now it's big.
  • Threw away scrap pieces of moulding that were left from the laundry cabinet install.
  • Recycled a plastic plant container.
  • Found three items to put with some donations designated for Habitat for Humanity
  • Stacked all the buckets together and put them all back on the shelf together.
  • Put bungee cords in their designated drawer in our storage unit
  • Found a place for our new staple/brad gun (but still have change the label) and I recycled the packaging it came in.
  • Tossed ant bait trap from this spring and swept up the grass and cobwebs around it. 
  • Hung two bicycle helmets on their assigned bike.
  • Hung up two brooms after using them to sweep. 
  • Rearranged some things to put like items together in one corner rather than two.
  • Tossed bags for recycling into my van, so I'm more likely to drop them off at a grocery store that recycles this. 
I'm pretty sure I was not out in the garage for more than 40 minutes. In fact it could have been twenty. Again, my brain did not think about the potential of my actions for blog content until later. Now when I'm out there it doesn't look like we are in the middle of a project, or have been lazy about keeping things put away. I erased all evidence of that in a short period of time. And I even have less stuff out there since it is now designated trash, donation or recycling. 

Okay...here are some pictures. They are old. The shelves actually look BETTER than these below! 

And here's that storage cabinet in the garage where I returned the bungee cords and stored our new nailer (bottom left drawer with the extension cord). It is VERY handy to have the drawers labeled. Still need to train my husband to look here for things. He's been used to an old system. He'll come around eventually. 

Have you spent time erasing any evidence in your home (or car) recently? Do you erase evidence daily in some area of your home?

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