Monday, October 20, 2014

Decluttered the Spices and more!

I got something done today in the area of decluttering! Yea me!!

I've really wanted to make an effort all month, but I have been packing in the activities. I've also made working out a priority too. As a result, I have not gone as far as I would like with decluttering. That is until today. I decided to tackle my spice cabinet. Most of them are in the right side of that upper lazy susan in the cupboard down there. 

 Here's a close up. It's not terrible, but I knew there were likely expired and rarely used items in there that could be tossed. I was soooo right. There was more in there that needed to go than I thought! Some were three years old, and some were now a solid mass of spice. Ick!!

Down below there in that open space is where I usually put my tea kettle, but it was on the stove today. Usually that top section is pretty full.

I poured out all expired items, rinsed out containers that could be recycled. I cleaned the shelf and the containers all the spices were sitting in (cake pans re-purposed). Then it all went back in. I found one item to donate (a mushroom shaped garlic press, that I never use). I moved those red cups above to my laundry cabinet where I'm now storing paper goods.

The end result!
 I did add some items to this cabinet from another lazy susan we have on the other side of the kitchen (and shown below). I think there is still room for the tea kettle.

Look closely above. Do you see those metal lids on the spices in the jars? I wrote the name of the spice on the top with a Sharpie so I can tell easier which spice is which!! Genius of me, I think.

On the lower shelf, shown above, I only pulled out the months old half box of cereal. It was not expired, but I wasn't sure when I bought it, so it went.  The bin with the green lid holds seldom used kitchen utensils, which I still use just very rarely. I keep them out of my way on a daily basis this way. I think I need a smaller container though!

The next pictures are only after pictures of the lazy susan on the other side of the kitchen, where I primarily keep baking items. I found expired powdered sugar, baking powder and baking soda. All tossed, with extras already on hand. So even better!! I also tossed some salt that seemed really old as well. Does salt even go bad? 

For just wanting to tackle the spices on the one shelf, I got a lot more done. It took very little time. Even better all the jars and boxes out for recycling will be picked up tomorrow!

I now have three spices that were expired that I need to replace before I make the always requested pumpkin pie! Do you have a certain time of year to go through your spices? It seems just before the holiday baking time would be perfect.

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