Friday, October 3, 2014

Decluttering the Entry Way

According to the blog Living Well, Spending Less, the first thing we should declutter in our home is the entry way. I included the closet in the entry also, which is to the right in the picture below.

As you will see from the pictures this did not take too long. Of course, it would have been much harder to accomplish while the girls were home because they toss backpacks, computers, instruments and lunch boxes here. I will have to show you that picture later! Here are the before pictures:

I decided not long ago that the cabinet in the entry should have some space for school supplies. One daughter is using page protectors on a regular basis for a class this year. In the photo, new packages are sitting on the railing shelf on the left side. I want these hidden!

My purpose was take out the holiday decor that doesn't need to be stored there to make room for the school supplies. The adding of the school supplies will be a work in progress as we decide together what would be helpful there. I did leave the top drawer for candles, wax melts and my wreath hanger. I might add some other decor items there for easy access as well.

I found three items to donate. The purple Halloween bowl. An umbrella cover. And a belt to a coat that is never used. I decided they were all unnecessary in our home. There are a few other items that could be in the list, but for now they stay. The plastic bags from the dry cleaned coats will be used on and off this month to cover plants on our porch to save them from the first cold nights. After we are done, I plan to recycle them.

Here are the after pictures:

Yes! Mission accomplished. It wasn't hard. It's not perfect, but I found some items to get rid of and started the process of repurposing the cabinet.

Do you have clutter in your entry way that you need to attend to?

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  1. I fear offending and mention only because you alluded to a move in the future. The photos revealed easy to fix damage on the entry cabinet's top surface. A potential buyer just entering your home seeing that may instantly wonder about other damage, not easily seen in other rooms plus the placement of the floor lamp suggests insufficient lighting in the entry. I know I'm super sensitive to these 'buyer clues.' DH thinks it's because I've permitted the people who teaches 'stager's' courses to use our condo for their senior group's final [practical] exam.