Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Desk Decluttered and Less Paper

I spent some time yesterday decluttering! My only goal was to go through all the paper we have received in our home for my college bound daughter. I had half a gift bag full of brochures, letters and other various mailings. We get mail from all over the country, but have only been saving the mail from the three colleges she applied (they ALL accepted her). We also had the various items given out at college visits.

I first separated all the papers by college. I ended up with four piles. The fourth pile was generic college information, such as financial aid. It was the smallest. I then went through each college pile and looked at each item to determine if it was an item worth savings. I did save the acceptance letters and information about accepting the college offer. I saved some housing information and department information that may be helping in the final decision process. There was so much we didn't need!

In the end I had three folders and the information I kept was reduced by half! I think that is a success. I may have been able to let some more information go, since it is online, but sometimes the physical information is helpful too.

I also took sometime last evening to work on decluttering my desk that is in the basement. I didn't do the entire desk, but tackled one drawer. This is almost like a junk drawer, but it does contain useful thinks like a stapler, tape, sharpies, rubber bands, paper clips and keys. I didn't take a before picture, but here is the after:

I dumped all but two of those little keys for luggage locks (that really can't be used anymore), another key from an old house I would guess, old correction fluid, lead for a pencil we no longer own, bits of wood (don't ask), very small envelopes, packaging from mailings, push pins for a bulletin board, old business cards, plastic label covers (not sure the official name), and other things I can no longer remember. I also made sure to dump receipts I had saved from July since it is nearly November and I don't want to hold on to receipts for groceries and gas for more than three months!

That drawer in my desk is now much less junky! It looks better too. The next drawer in my desk I need to tackle is the files. I actually have a file titled TO FILE. It has the most stuff in it. Clearly it is time to file, and likely shred half of what is in it. I should probably title it TOO LAZY TO FILE. :) I let you know when I get that completed.

A few of the blogs I'm following this month have suggested decluttering your pantry, your nightstand, DVD's, and your master bedroom closet. Have you been decluttering or purging some of the spaces in your home? It is not too late to get some areas that are irritating you purged and cleaned up in preparation for the busy holiday months!

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