Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Equals Winter Preparation

I spent less than an hour today doing some preparation for winter around the house. The main task I wanted to accomplish was getting our outdoor table and chairs off the deck and into the garage for the winter. We have a third stall that doesn't house a car, so there is plenty of room for the outdoor furniture.

However, before I could do that task, I needed to clean up the garage a bit to make a little room. I brought a folding table and two coolers inside and placed them in our basement storage area. I moved a bin up off the floor. I brought in the hoses from outside and found a place for them. I also pulled out an artificial evergreen tree I made last year, so it will be easy to access when I want it placed on our front porch. The last task I took care of was vacuuming up some dirt I spilled over a month ago! I made sure to run the vacuum across the entry steps and the rug out there.

I did get four of six chairs from the deck moved to the garage by myself. I will leave two outside just a little longer before I clean them off and move them to the basement. I cleaned most of the glass on the table off. I will get my husband's help later today to get the glass and table frame to the garage. I will make sure to clean it off completely before it goes out there.

Update: Pictures below shows you I did get it done, with the help of my husband!

In the coming week or so, I plan to pull the last of my potted plants out of pots and into the compost bag. The pots with remaining dirt will be stored in the garage. We also need to put tree wrap on our maple tree to keep it from getting sun scald this winter and spring. That will take less than 10 minutes, but well the time if it save the tree. I also have a bush that was eaten by rabbits last year. It came back fine, but I would like to put a chicken wire or some other barrier around it to keep it in better shape for spring.

Another task that will need to be done is to contact a heating company to do a maintenance check on the furnace and humidifier.

What tasks do you make sure to do in the fall in preparation for winter? Are they mainly outdoor tasks or do you have indoor tasks you focus on too?

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