Thursday, October 16, 2014

Getting Tidy

My last post referenced decluttering. The only one I can really say I did on the list was magazines. I went through at dozen plus magazines and pulled out the ones I wanted to keep. Just three, since they have lots of recipes I want to try. If I don't try at least one out of each one by the end of the year those will also be recycled.

Today, before I left the house I looked around and noticed stuff everywhere! Nothing was in it's place. I made a point to take care of it once I returned. It didn't take too much time, so it was well worth it to unload and reload the dishwasher. I cleared off and wiped down the counters. I piled papers and recycled others. Yes, the pile will need to be dealt with later but for now it is much better.

I made sure to take my lipstick, a lotion sample and a hoodie to my bedroom. I took a necklace of my daughter's to her room. I returned the screwdriver, tape measure, safety pins and packing tape to their designated places in the house.

I know all of that doesn't sound like much. And it really isn't, but when things are put away it makes for such a more comfortable environment. I can relax in my own home when I take the time to tidy up.

Do you take time to just tidy up and put things away?

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