Friday, November 7, 2014

Baking Planned

I've planned our holiday baking!

I might be making more than I sometimes do, but expect some of the food to be taken to work and some to be donated. I did get some help from my youngest daughter on what we should make, It was nice to have help and know we will have something they will enjoy!

The baking that made the list for Thanksgiving and Christmas are:
2 batches of Jam Print Cookies
2 batches of Banana Bread
2 batches of Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies
Puppy Chow
2 Pumpkin Pies
Peanut Butter Fudge

It sounds yummy, yet sickening and fattening all at the same time. At least I know that much of it will be passed on and that we will have some goodies to share!

I have made my list for the store. I have some items on hand, so those are not included in the following list:

1 bag of all purpose flour
1 bag of sugar
1 bag of brown sugar
1 bag of powdered sugar
3 lbs of butter
18 eggs
2 cans of pumpkin
raspberry jam
peanut butter
marshmallow creme
2 bags mint chocolate chips
1 bag semi sweet chocolate chips
Crispix cereal
2 large cans whipped cream
candy canes

I added my list here to share, but also for future reference. Next year I can look back at what I made and possibly use a very similar list! I hope to find some sales on items over the next few weeks while I'm doing my regular shopping. However, I may just make a run and get it all. That would be the simplest and least stressful approach!

Do you plan your holiday baking? Do you give desserts as gifts? What is your favorite holiday dessert?

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