Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Berries and Another Gift

Despite having a cold that is wearing me out, I managed to complete these Christmas preparation tasks over the weekend. Every little bit helps!

Added faux berries to my outdoor Christmas tree. I purchased a faux red berry bush at Hobby Lobby last week when all Christmas items were 50% off. I spent about $5. The tree is actually made of a tomato cage upside down in a large planter. I wrapped faux evergreen garland around the tomato cage, and added white lights and pine cones. It was lacking a little something during the day on the porch, thus the reason I added the faux berries. This task took just five minutes.

Dropped our non working lights off at Home Depot for recycling. Happy they are no longer in our home and that this service was offered.

Purchased a gift online for my daughter. Another t shirt!

Found two gifts to pass on to my nieces and nephew. We have some snow toys we no longer use that will go to a family of four children to play with. Costs me nothing, but should bring hours of fun! I will give some of our holiday cookie cutters and sprinkles to another child for making cookies for Santa (this one is a gift for before Christmas obviously).

This week I hope to get some, if not all, the baking supplies purchased. Several items are on sale, so I will snap those up for sure. And I'd really like to get a picture of my girls taken.

Yea! I completed more tasks. And it hasn't been stressful at all. It fact it has been fun!

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