Wednesday, November 26, 2014


It's the week of Thanksgiving and I feel very blessed. I have a loving husband, beautiful girls, fantastic friends and supportive parents. And I'm healthy! So you will hear no complaining from me. I hope you take some time to slow down and enjoy the journey of these holiday celebrations that give us time with our loved ones. There isn't more that we need.

With that in mind, I will share just a few more of my holiday preparations and planning:

  • Wrapped two more Christmas gifts.
  • Made a list of items we need to pack in our car for Thanksgiving.
  • Cleaned up some papers on my kitchen counter and on my desk (just 10 minutes or so for the past two days).
  • Took the turkey out of the freezer to begin thawing in the refrigerator on Monday. :)
  • Finally making my Goodwill run (since Monday the roads were icy).
I might vacuum, do a load of laundry, pay bills, and cut up a bag of onions. Maybe, if I'm motivated. Oh, the onions. I figure if I cut the 8 or so onions I have, this will help in December with future recipes. I would freeze on trays first, then measure them out into 1 cup portions and put in freezer bags. But I may just take it easy too, as the time celebrating with family will be busy too. 

Happy Thanksgiving! See you next week. 

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