Sunday, November 16, 2014

Holiday Picture Taken and Ordered

I'm pleased to announce a few more items can be checked off my Christmas preparation list!

Holiday picture of the girls was taken. I did need to be firm to get it done, but it is done. My oldest even quickly did some Photo Shop tweaks to it. Other than the color of their shirts, it isn't really Christmas themed, but I'm okay with that.

Photos were ordered. Soon after the photo was taken my oldest daughter did a few tweaks with Photo Shop. I was thankful she took care of it so quickly. That meant I was able to get it uploaded to Target's website and ordered. I will pick them up the next time I'm there and use my 30% off photo prints coupon!

Another gift purchased online today! This is the big gift for my oldest and I finally found it for a price I was willing to pay. It will arrive next week. :)

I did spend some more time looking around for some gifts online, but I did limit my time. That alone helps keep my stress level down.

Do you take holiday photos? Do you have a plan on when to make that happen?

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