Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Husband's Gift Complete

More Christmas tasks completed!

I bought my husband's gift online. The bonus is I found a couple gifts for other to get him and ordered those as well. I will receive them here at home, and then secretly transport them to Thanksgiving dinner for the gifters to take possession of and pay me!

Took note of stocking stuffer ideas my girls put out there. It's always nice to know what they would like to receive in their stockings. One likes chocolate covered sunflower seeds and the other asked for ginger chews! I have the hard ginger candy at home and realized instead of eating the whole bag, I will set those aside to put in my parents stockings.

Found more gifts to give that we already have in our home. My daughter has extra photography from an art fair. We will give one to her flute teacher. We also found a print of a drawing my teen nephew was very interested in this summer but did not purchase. It's now his gift, along with some socks I already bought on clearance!

I'm going to add another task to my list: take inventory of what I do have for gifts thus far! It all starts to become a blur. I also could start wrapping a few of these things, but I might wait.

How is your Christmas planning coming along? Do you stuff stockings? Do you have a favorite item to put in them?

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  1. I still need to get stocking fillers, and a stocking for my baby boy. I haven't got a favourite item. My Christmas planning is coming along well. I'll be starting to wrap some gifts soon.