Saturday, November 22, 2014

JOY Sign Complete and A Thought

I completed the JOY sign last night. I like how it turned out. It will get propped up against my faux tomato cage tree on my porch. I think the final painting in took about 15 minutes. I had to be careful on the edges! I sure didn't think I would slip in a craft for this season, but I'm glad I did. And what is better is it was free. I already had the wood and paint. And the time was minimal.

I cleaned my kitchen floor earlier this week, and then the next day vacuumed the carpets and dusted. Doing those things has made me feel inspired to keep the clutter put away. I found myself taking care of tasks immediately, so the items don't become a pile. Here are a couple examples:

  • My daughter brought home a t shirt order form. I immediately wrote the check, and recorded the transaction. No paper waiting around for me to act on it later.
  • I received a request for something from a friend. I completed the task and responded to the email right away. Then deleted the email. I do like a clean inbox. 
  • I washed towels today (which tends to be a Friday task for me). When I heard the dryer stop, I stopped my other tasks and put the towels away. 
Now I do realize, this isn't always possible to take care of things right away. However, if it is possible to take care of something now. Just do it. It removes one more thing from that do list. Heck, in some cases it doesn't even make it on your to do list!!

So just thought on getting things done and not procrastinating. It might help keep the stress down this holiday!

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