Thursday, November 13, 2014

More Stocking Stuffers

A few more updates on the Christmas planning and preparation. I don't feel I have been as productive this week. I've accomplished some things, but I feel I may be spending to much time on the computer looking for the right price or the right gift! That can be more stressful than it seems.

Baking list purchases have begun. I crossed off the ones I have purchased so far. I think I will get nearly everything else this weekend, although I haven't seen a good price on butter just yet, so I may wait a little longer for that.

1 bag of all purpose flour
1 bag of sugar
1 bag of brown sugar
1 bag of powdered sugar
3 lbs of butter
18 eggs
2 cans of pumpkin
raspberry jam
peanut butter
marshmallow creme
2 bags mint chocolate chips
1 bag semi sweet chocolate chips
Crispix cereal
2 large cans whipped cream
candy canes

Stocking stuffers for my foster niece have been easy to find. I found a Hello Kitty toothbrush at Dollar Tree (rarely go in there), and a new sample size toothpaste in our closet. I also picked up her favorite character band aids. I also have a few other ideas on my list, so that will be helpful when I get out to shop again.

Offered food for Thanksgiving to my mom and she seemed excited about the offers. I even included at turkey breast and wine in the offer. I know of a rebate on the wine. Rex Goliath wines specifically. Some of those purchases will need to be made soon, as well. Likely this weekend, so  I can just have it done.

I have failed to take inventory of gifts I have, even after two recent ones were in my mail this week. So that is still on the to do list. After I get that done, I will complete our gift list and see where we stand with what still needs to be purchased.

It actually feels really good to have so much complete at this point in the season. The biggest thing I need to work on is keeping myself from browsing the internet 'shopping' and just buy. I also need to make as few trips to stores as possible, while hopefully getting a few deals in the process!

And still want to get a picture of my girls taken. Just a simple shot here at home that can be sent with Christmas cards. Now to just get them away from their electronics to do so!!

Do you have a stocking stuffer idea that is always a hit?

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