Sunday, November 23, 2014

Warmer Weather Means...

I was able to get out and decorate the front porch area of our home on Saturday. It was about 50 degrees. It was a little windy, but I didn't need gloves or a hat. It was actually nice to get a little fresh air.

I set up the faux tree on the porch, with the JOY sign I made. I also put lights in some of our bushes in the front landscaping bed. The hardest part was getting all the lights connected and set up on a timer. I'm pretty sure I have it set up so it will come on, but not sure yet. I also put out this willow branch tree shaped chair (hard to explain) with a faux wreath. It should look pretty good once it is all lit up. \

This wasn't one of those twenty minute tasks, but probably more like an hour. I did spend a little time moving the furniture that was still on the porch from this summer. This led to me moving a few things around in the garage, too.

I don't usually decorate the porch before Thanksgiving, but it less than a week away. The weather was the main motivation to get out there and get it done. Once I know the lights come on as scheduled, I will pull the plug until after Thanksgiving.

We are going to continue working on decluttering a bit more this weekend, since I have my planned Goodwill drop off on Monday. And we might bake some of our holiday cookies. I think the mint chocolate chip bars will be easy to throw two batches together and then get into the freezer.

I'm mostly waiting on more gift buying until after Thanksgiving, since that is when we decide about gifts for extended family. I've been thinking more and more about not doing gifts with extended family, or most of them. I hear people say they don't need anything or they seem stressed about gift buying. I just don't know if it is worth giving to a large circle of people. It seems that if families just bought for themselves it would be simpler and less stressful for everyone. Of course, I don't want to squash the idea of people being givers, because we still need that, so I end up feeling mixed about the whole thing.

How are you feeling about the holiday's? Are you pleased with your plan and progress so far? What did you get done this week? Do you feel like you have too many people to buy for?

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