Monday, November 17, 2014

Wrapping Begins

Last week I picked up tape, which was the only item I needed to wrap Christmas presents. I have plenty of gift bags, bows, paper, and tags. Actually, I'm a little short on gift tags, but I have a plan. If I need more tags, I will use white address labels, or fold over some card stock to attach with a ribbon. And those are free!

Today, I decided to pull out a craft table and set up a gift wrap station, since I will not be wrapping on just one day. I don't want to keep getting things back out. In fact, this might make it easier to wrap on the same day I buy something or it arrives in the mail. That will help me keep on top of it all.

Here's what my gift wrap area looks like:

I have rolls of paper, gift bags, tissue paper, boxes, tape, scissors, pen, ribbon and bows, I prefer to use a gift bag when possible...even for the kids. For kids, I put the item in, cover it in tissue paper, and then tape the top of the gift bag closed all the way across the top. That way they can't peek, or if they do they have to do some work to tape it up again.

I've been storing gifts in a bin in my basement as I pick them up or the UPS man delivers. The bin was getting tight. This motivated me to wrap some gifts! I'm as shocked as you are!! I have never had this much shopping done, let alone have any wrapped this early in the holiday season.

I wrapped ten gifts. Two are ornaments for my girls to open when we put the tree up after Thanksgiving. Otherwise, the gifts were for various people. Right now the gifts are just sitting out in the basement, since their is no tree to put them under yet. Even that seems strange. No where to put the gifts.

I updated my list of gift recipients with the gifts I have already purchased. I'm in really good shape. Right now there are just three people that I'm a little bit iffy on what to buy. That will get hashed out eventually.

I need to check with my husband about what he thinks the gift plan at work will be. And what he might want to give. That way we can make sure to get something soon instead of at the last minute.

I'm so excited to be this far ahead with the shopping and now the wrapping!


  1. Hi CCF! Your post inspired me to go down and look at my inventory of wrapping paper/items. I am in need of two rolls of "Santa" paper, but other than that, I'm OK. I also found Christmas cards I forgot that I purchased! (Laura)

    1. Glad you were inspired to check on your gift wrap status!

  2. I love your gift wrapping station! I wish I had all of that space. I just need to find the cellotape and I'm sorted.

  3. Thank you! I only needed tape too. I think I will need one or two rolls of wrapping paper for next holiday season. I will look for a deal after the holidays!