Friday, December 12, 2014

A Peek At My Little Messes

Yesterday, I mentioned posting some pictures of some of my messes (or clutter). Now I do get that these probably aren't that bad, many people have bigger issues of clutter to deal with. The clutter here is from daily living and when attended to regularly aren't a big deal. At all! 

Coffee table with ads, mail, medicine, a hair tie, and thermometer instructions
 It takes just a few minutes to get all those items back to their designated places. I opened the mail, which were gifts, and got those to my Christmas storage bin. I tossed and recycled the containers. I put away the hair tie, and medicine. I also recycled the newspaper ad.

Kitchen counter clutter
The clutter above on the counter is a common scene. I do try to keep the far end cleaned off, especially before I start making dinner. The other end is another story. Piles of paper and mail. And lists, and receipts and seen below.

Lists. Multiple lists.
I do like to make lists. I like a festive color too! Don't look too close or you  might notice that one list has similar items as another list. I often rewrite lists. Not exactly efficient, but crossing things off feels good! In the midst of the clutter there are areas that are perfectly fine. Yesterday, it was my kitchen sink. All shiny and clean.

But honestly, this morning with my parents here and the fact that I didn't get the dishwasher unloaded until 11 am, it was a big mess of dishes! It's a cycle with the dishes. If the dishes are clean or in the process of getting cleaned in the dishwasher each night, I'm happy.

Do you have a clutter spot that crops up almost daily? Do you take care of it daily? Do you put it off as long as you can? What is that one area in your home that if it is clean makes you happy?


  1. ...does my whole house count, ha! It's an uphill battle around these parts. Both me and my Mister are a bit messy and we have plenty of places that involve setting things down we intend to do something with...and then forget about.
    The one place in the house that makes me happy when it's clean, though, is the kitchen - means less dishes to do! Haven't gotten to that point yet, but its a slow process.

    1. Yes it counts, Jessica! Clean kitchens make a big difference in how a home feels since we use them so much. I think my bedroom is a close second. I want to feel relaxed when I go in there to go to sleep.

  2. I have a clutter spot right next to my computer. I like to keep stuff next to my computer however a time comes when the whole place gets filled with clutter. There is lot of junk mail and other important mail etc. I like to clean it every 2 days.

    1. I've notice my pile of papers on the kitchen counter need to be combed through about every other day as well. I really try not to put anything there! It must be a magnetic force field!

  3. I find that clutter starts to build up on my coffee table - all sorts of things from mail to used pens and spare keys. I try to tackle the mess over the weekend, before it gets out of hand!