Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Weekend Challenge

You probably have more stuff now that Christmas has past. Am I right? Hopefully you received items you wanted and will use. Those gifts are the best blessings!!

I have a quick challenge for you this weekend. You get to chose what is right for you. I'm just putting a few ideas out there as a jump start to our January decluttering goals.

  • Find a place for your new items. I received a new coat (to wear to the gym) and it is now hanging in the closet. 
  • Return gifts you will not use if you know where they were purchased or have the receipt for. I think I have at least one item that I will return on Sunday.
  • Donate gifts you absolutely will not use and don't have the ability to return. Don't feel guilt. Free empowered that you know what you want in your house!!
  • Find ten items this weekend to release from your home. Toss them in the trash or put them in your designated donation spot. And if you are really motivated, take them to your local charity.
  • Did you put away the extra bows, boxes and gift bags you want to keep? Make sure they are at least near the ones you didn't use this year! 
If you feel compelled to share what you did, please do so in the comments. I'd love to hear! I'm sure others would as well. Hearing how others are doing can be so motivating. Good luck everyone. I'm cheering for you!


  1. Oh I like a few of those challenges. I will try and complete one or two tomorrow.

    1. Well I was aiming to find ten items to donate/trash. I found more and I lost count, but I now have a bag full of J's old baby clothes ready to donate and I found a few dyed/ripped items that will be recycled which was put in a separate bag.

  2. Christmas has come and gone, sadly, in our house in such a way that everything new is put to use already or hidden away where it ought to be! The little tree and lights and whatnots are still up, but that's a different story,l ha!!

  3. Everything accomplished except decluttering. That's January's adventure! The tree isn't down yet but will be in the next couple of days.