Friday, December 19, 2014

Accomplishments and Plans

Wow! That post yesterday really helped me out. I was able to vent to you all about my stress and make a list of my plans. I actually referred to my blog post yesterday to make sure I stayed on track! I didn't get everything done, but I was able to cross quite a few things off.
  • Help at school plating cookies for the bake sale
  • Take packages to the post office
  • Wash girls sheets
  • Clean our bathroom
  • Vacuum and dust
  • Make meal plan through end of year
  • Make grocery lists
  • Write an email to mom and sister about their visit
  • Make a list of tasks for each day before Christmas
  • Finish reading a book
I did start on the list of tasks and the grocery list, so that feels good even though I'm not completely done. I also read my book for awhile. I probably could have finished, but the computer got a little more of my attention last night than needed. I really need to vacuum and dust, but I used the excuse that the vacuuming does stress the cat and I was thinking I should wait until she feels a little better. 

I added two tasks to my day yesterday. I returned to school in the evening to help set out plates of cookies, since they needed to lock them up this time. That was kind of fun since I got to chat with another mom. I also bought more gifts! I realized my youngest daughter was short after she asked if she could add an item to her list. Turns out I needed that idea. As a result I need to buy more wrapping paper. I also had to write out a Christmas card to someone I missed ( I realized this once I had their card in my mailbox). Oh, AND I also made up two plates of cookies (from the freezer) for my husband to take to work today. :)

Today my tasks are:
  • Cook chicken breasts and dice up
  • Make Chicken Tortilla soup (double batch)
  • Wrap gifts
  • Put up second tree with lights in basement
  • Finish grocery list
  • Add to list of tasks in coming days
  • Buy a set of sheets
  • Visit a friend 
I will also include unloading the dishwasher and a five to ten minute tidy up...part of my everyday routine. And maybe the vacuuming and dusting will happen, but I'm not going to stress on that one. 

What are your tasks today? Do you find list making helpful or stressful, or at times both? Are you including time with others or time to relax?

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  1. My to-do lists do not include relaxing time or spending time with others (unless it involves them coming over or going out to see them). However, after dinner, the to-do list is off-limits, so to speak. If it's a crafty thing, or running the dishwasher, something like that, then I will do it. But big tasks that require taking away from time spending with my Mister aren't done once he gets home from work. And if that means some things don't get done, then so be it.
    I've seen a few people that mark off the evenings in their daily planner/schedule to automatically spend time with their family. If I ever switch to a timed daily page, I will certainly do the same thing. Family time is more important than getting that last task done!