Thursday, December 25, 2014

After the Gifts

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas morning. If you have young children, you were probably up before the sun. With our teens, we usually get to sleep at little later. They even will wait for us to get coffee made (if we forgot to put it on a timer) and start cinnamon rolls (a tradition) before the gift unwrapping begins.

I'm usually quite satisfied with a messy floor with wrapping paper strewn about among the gifts. At least for a little while. And then it gets to me. It's a mess! We are stepping on boxes and bows! Things are everywhere. It's overwhelming.

Once we have savored the gifts received, I first find the trash, which in our house it usually the wrapping paper, tissue paper, and some of the packaging. Next is looking for what can be recycled...usually the boxes. After that I start flattening the gift bags and shirt boxes I want to reuse. I make a pile, then toss the bows that are still good on top. And the final step in cleaning up the mess, is to return those gift items back to basement where they are stored all year. That part, since we aren't huge gift givers, takes less than 10 minutes! I highly recommend taking a little time to take care of that task.

Of course, the gifts are still out for awhile after because the girls want to use their items. But that I can handle...for a day or two. Then the items have to go to their rooms or another appropriate place. I do like to encourage my kids to declutter as they are putting the new items away. I'm not saying they actually do, but I like to mention it as an idea. Something that should think about when they get something new. Works for us as adults too! If you receive a new scarf, do you have one you no longer need or want?

Any items that anyone wants to donate and remove from your home can go to the donation spot you found last week or designated previously. If you didn't find a donation spot in your home, it's not too late. Maybe someone got a large item for a large box. Make that your donation box. Tell the other family members where that spot is, so they know just where to put it when they come across something when put the new items away.

Okay it's Christmas! Enough talk about organizing and decluttering. Let's go spend some time with our family and friends. Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!
    It sounds like your Christmas schedule is the same as what I had growing up - I remember a few years of being up before my parents and waiting, and a few years of waking up with them already making coffee. A mess was alright for a while, but it had to be cleaned up after we were done opening out presents and admiring our spoils!!