Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Baking: Jam Thumbprints

I'm writing this late on Saturday night to report that my daughter and
 I did get the cookies I wanted to bake done! 

We doubled our batch of dough for Jam Thumbprint cookies and came out with 77 cookies. We pulled 17 to eat between the four of us. The remaining 60 cookies are nestled in their bed of parchment paper in the freezer! I expect to take a least half, maybe a full three dozen to the music association bake sale next week. I need to take five dozen, so I will pull the appropriate amount from the mint chocolate chip bars that are in the freezer from a couple weeks ago. This baking ahead and freezing is like a miracle!

That close up doesn't look that great, but they really do taste delicious!

I hope to make a pumpkin pie this week, just for us. We didn't end up having it at Thanksgiving. The second pumpkin pie will be made for Christmas when our guests are here. I also plan to make peanut butter fudge and puppy chow. It helps to spread it out a bit and freeze so it doesn't all get eaten too quickly. 

Are you doing any baking for the holiday? Do you have a favorite holiday food?

In other news, I found two more gifts online. And I spent less than $8!!

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