Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Lights And More Planning

Last night we went out as a family to purchase a game for my niece. Now this is sort of a big deal, as I don't get my kids to go out shopping with us too often. We were just at Super Target. But we had a great time looking at games and deciding what to give. We finally decided on the game Clue. We have it and have played it numerous times. It looks different than the version my girls have, so they were very curious what else may different about it. If I said they could open it, they would have!! In the end I reminded them, it would be opened when they were around and likely our niece would want to play it with them!

On our way home we went through some nearby neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights. There is one very large display in our little town. I think it comprises four homes! It is very elaborate and bright. It is also set up to music, where you tune your radio to a certain station and the lights seem to match with the music, or maybe that is my imagination! The outing was relatively short but very enjoyable time with our teen daughter's. I think I even heard them humming Christmas carols. :)

On the list today, is regular grocery shopping. I have the meals planned and the list already made. I just need to see if anything else needs to be added before I head out. We will also make two batches of Jam Thumbprint cookies, as well as attend my oldest daughter's honor band performance.  

I can definitely tell my stress level is down from some years. I've been out in fewer stores shopping because of how much online shopping I have done. And I'm getting things planned ahead when possible. Even the simple task of meal planning, and making a grocery list ahead of time is a huge relief for me!! It's one task I dread and often put off until 30 minutes before I want to go to the store. 

Now don't get me wrong, I don't have everything done to be ready for Christmas but I'm in a very good place. Since we are now likely to have guests at our home, rather than travel this year, I will need to make a cleaning plan, and meal plan for the days they are visiting. I will also need to make sure to mail some of the gifts for relatives we will not see. I will work on those plans next week, and I really should finish up the gifts!

Have you been able to do something to enjoy the season? Are you more relaxed or stressed? Are you planning ahead when you can?


  1. I know the feeling of even just a little planning going a long way to getting the stress levels down! For the first year just about ever, my Christmas plans are under control and almost all taken care of. Its an amazing feeling, ha! And it really does make a difference spending more time home instead of out and about in the shops! Too many people out to make it worth leaving the house!!

    1. Good for you, Jessica! I know I spend less the less I'm in the stores. Funny how that works. :)