Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It's the Little Things

I finished up my cleaning tasks with two more bed sheets washed, and furniture dusted. I think I can rest for a week before I have to do some of it again. Cleaning is one of those tasks that I don't particularly like to do, but when I realize how fast I can get it done I'm happy that I just took care of it.

As part of the holiday preparations, I have a project to sew for my niece. I found some instructions online to use as my guide. I was able to find some fabric to use in my stash here at the house, but I needed some flannel, bias tape, and thread. I was able to get those purchased and the fabric washed. The next steps will come in the next day or so. I will cut the fabric and sew together...hopefully relatively quickly!

A gift I purchased arrived in the mail today and I'm expecting more throughout the week. I plan to wrap as many as possible on Friday afternoon, so they can get under the tree. I hope it can be short twenty minute session!

Since I have been following my dinner plans each day, I have found that I'm doing a good job of checking the night before to see if anything needs to be pulled from the freezer. Today, it was just a loaf of bread for breakfast and sandwiches that needed to be set out. Today, we had chicken in the Crock Pot. I may have not remembered to start it this morning, if I had not checked my meal plan the night before.

I noticed that preparing our family Christmas gift lists early in the season (last month), that it was easier for me to give ideas to extended family members that were asking for ideas. I knew what my girls wanted, I began shopping and at least deciding what I would purchase, and the remainder was then available to give to them. I usually have to put them off a bit before I give them ideas. I hope that giving them those ideas earlier reduces their stress level this holiday, too! I was pleasantly surprised how easy that preparation made that task!

Another thing keeping my stress level down in the last few weeks, is keeping my email inbox current. For me this means that I'm looking at purchase confirmation emails and then storing them in a folder labeled 'purchases' instead of my inbox. I can go looking for it there if I need it later. I'm deleting as soon as I no longer need the email or the reminder. Yes, I still have emails in my inbox, but I'm trying not to let them accumulate. I'm also unsubscribing to some of them...especially those that haven't emailed me since last year!

Are there some little things you are doing to keep your stress level down? Remember to try to do only what you want to do. Take time for yourself to enjoy the season, too!


  1. I sat down and created an organized list of "extras" to be done/gotten. My younger daughter is doing a Secret Santa with her pom team, and both daughters have organized a gift exchange at their dance class. One trip to FIVE BELOW and $15 ($5 OOP, as each daughter put in $5) was able to take care of these and they are off the list. I was also able to organize baking - making one Holiday favorite batch to share at the boys' band concert next week with some to drop off at the Parish Center and then the rest for us to enjoy. It is keeping the stress down, with just a bit of planning. :)

    1. Great job, Laura! I know I feel less stress when I plan ahead. I know my daughter has one exchange she will need to buy for. We should get that done this weekend so we are ready!