Monday, December 22, 2014

Just Three Days To Prepare for Christmas

I was productive on Sunday and got my planned list of tasks done! I did ask my husband to vacuum, so I did get help. I did notice I was feeling more tired out, then noticed I have congestion in my ears. I think I have a little cold coming on. Not good.
  • Vacuuming (yes, really!)
  • Decorating tree
  • Groceries
  • Cooking a turkey
  • Wash two sets of sheets to get ready for guests
In addition to the tasks above, we did two other loads of laundry. We hung two pictures in our basement that we have procrastinated on forever! I spent 20 minutes getting the storage room tidied up. Things had kind of exploded in there. I had files out, a cooler that wasn't put away, and Christmas decor and games were out as well. I also took down my gift wrap station and put all those items away for the season. 

Our family will be celebrating at home on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This is a rare event for us, so we are going to savor it by being together. My family arrives the day after Christmas for a few days. Food preparation and cleaning are the biggest tasks we need to focus on over the next few days besides relaxing and spending time together.

Today I my preparations include:
  • Mail one final package
  • Clean guest bathroom
  • Put clean sheets on guest bed
  • Dust guest bedroom
  • Make another grocery list :)
  • Wrap final gift (if it arrives in mail)
  • Write list of tasks for Friday morning before guests arrive
It feels like I have more to take care of than that list, but if I get all of those things done I will be in really good shape. It does help to do a little everyday. That has made the difference this year in preparing for Christmas. Starting earlier helped too!

As I was making the turkey breast yesterday, I was thinking about the roasting pan and meat thermometer that I get out a few times a year. They are both great items to have and since I know I use them, it makes it easier to store them. I know that I have some items in my kitchen that I don't use and probably have not used in a year or more. Yesterday, I noticed TWO large metal frosting spatulas. I also have two smaller ones. Depending on the item, two has been important in our home with two daughters. I'm sure I have two so they could both help frost cakes. No fighting, even though I'm sure they still had to take turns! I just don't think I need two of the large ones any more since I know they are definitely mature enough to take turns and we rarely make cakes anymore. Next time I see those frosting spatulas one will have to go. I'm going to keep both small ones for now. 

Can you be prepared for your holiday celebrations in the next three days? Do you have a list of tasks or activities to accomplish? Do you have duplicates of items? Do you need all of them?


  1. I have duplicates of some kitchen utensils simply because they get used often enough to warrant having more than one (we have just enough dishes to not need to run the dishwasher everyday, but just few enough different things that I cook that two of every spatula I use is almost necessary)...if that makes sense!!
    Over the past few days you have been super productive! Makes me feel bad at how little I get done everyday, ha! :D

    1. Yes, I know what you mean. I have several paring knives and traditional spatulas. But some things I just don't need two of!!

      No worries on your productivity. We all go at our own pace. I'm just motivated by guests right now to get things done!!

  2. Yes I should be organised within the next three days. My shopping list is longer than I thought but not too bad.
    I know this is a separate post but mil showed up today with a ton of gifts so I definitely need to declutter - I've no idea what she's bought.
    is the turkey for Christmas?

    1. The turkey is for when our guests are here this weekend. I'm going to cook another one on Christmas Day for my family to eat. I'm guessing we will have plenty of turkey!!